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The History of Our Restaurant

We are masters at creating new flavor trends in Poland!
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Why do people choose us?

Pizza is an unconditional love for us

Unique Menu

Do you like mild or spicy? At our place, everyone will find something to their liking.

The Best Ingredients

Beef for burgers from Polish breeds. Buns baked fresh every day at 2:00 in the morning, pizza dough prepared in our central kitchen!

Experienced Chefs

For us, work is a pleasure, and each dish is like a work of art.

About the Restaurant

Coming to America

Hello Friends!

Benvenuti Amici comes with a heart filled with American passion. Inspired by the culture of serving burgers, steaks, ribs, and fluffy American-style pizza, we invite you to a real feast of flavors. We would like to take you on a new chapter of our culinary journey: Benvenuti Amici - Coming to America.

Our burgers are a true symphony of flavors, with juicy beef, signature pulled pork, and unique sauces that make Benvenuti Amici a place worth returning to.

If you're a meat lover, we have special beef and pork ribs for you - tender and juicy in every bite. Additionally, for those who love steaks, we've prepared a selection of the finest cuts of meat, grilled to perfection.

We haven't forgotten about pizza! In our new offering, you'll find brilliant American Pan pizza - a light and crispy crust, seasoned with our unique blend of 12 herbs and spices, full of quality ingredients and an unforgettable taste.

All of this while maintaining our commitment to the highest product quality.

Are You coming to America?

About the Restaurant

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You can order online or come to us to experience the Italian atmosphere.

Sunday --- Thursday
12 : 00
22 : 00
Friday --- Saturday
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You are cordially invited!

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